Hi, my name is Oleksandr Bandyliuk.
I'm a designer and developer focused on developing apps for Apple devices. I love creating simple and beautiful things by solving business and people's problems. Years of experience building products from zero brings me a clear understanding of how processes work from the designer and developer sides.

My strengths? User experience and user interface design.

My everyday work tools? Xcode and Sketch.

You can find more information about me on a separate page.
iOS Applications
I have developed four apps so far. Two of them are available on the App Store.
Medication Reminder
Packing Checklist
Medium Articles
From time to time, I write articles on Medium about my development experience.
Landing Pages
Single-page websites I've created for my App Store apps.
Landing page
Landing page
Like many other Apple Developers, I know how it is hard to support localized apps. You always need in different languages to write changelogs, respond to user reviews on the App Store, provide email support, etc. I decided to alleviate this process and launch DevMate. On DevMate, you can find popular phrases, changelog text, and some email often used replies translated to different languages.
Archived iOS Applications
Some of my applications are no longer available on the App Store but are still worth attention.
One Fit
Workout Tracker
Expense tracker
Bank App Concept
I'm not a big fan of concepts because no one restrains you in your fantasy, and you can make a concept of a glass car, for example. A glass car can be beautiful in the image but does not fit the reality of our world. So when I designed this concept, I based it on real bank apps in Ukraine to make this concept closer to reality.
Media Mentions
Many thanks to Product Hunt, who 12 times mentioned my app on their Twitter account. And big thanks to iReviews and MobileAddict for their great YouTube reviews of my app.

I appreciate every media who talk about my products <3.
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