Finmate is an easy-to-use personal budget tracking app. The app helps users track their expenses and spend smarter, keeping their budget in mind. Finmate features completely customizable categories and groups to make a user's job of recording expenses a lot easier.
App Info
On 1 September 2017, I officially released the app to the App Store. My role in this project was limited to design only. A programmer from Upwork implemented the software part of the project. Due to business optimization, the project is closed.
About the App
The Today tab is the heart of the app. Here, Finmate keeps entries of their expenses and income. Users must enter an amount and select a category to save the transaction. The application has multiplication, division, and subtraction buttons that allow users to perform mathematical operations on numbers before saving an expense or income record.

The functions of saving geolocation, choosing another financial account, changing the transaction date, attaching a photo of a receipt, as well as writing a note are on a special panel at the top of the screen.
The Report tab shows a detailed report of all transactions. Users can change the period and spending category to see data for other dates.
The app supports multiple finance accounts. This feature lets users know how much money they have left in cash and non-cash form.
Are you paying for Netflix and Apple TV every month? Create a recurring transaction, and the application will automatically record this expense.
Users can create categories for expenses and income and combine them into groups to control the budget. For example, by combining spending on games and cinemas into one group, the application will show how much the user spends on entertainment.
Application settings are very flexible. Users can fully customize the application for themselves. Users can choose the app's home screen, set the app's main currency, set up widgets and swipes, set up cloud backup, and easily export all income and expense data in CSV format.
The code is written in Swift 3 by Alexey Moiseenko.
I designed 66 exclusive icons in Adobe Illustrator specifically for the income and expense categories.
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